Our Rates

Our especially attractive prices within the capital of Alps, Innsbruck

Tariff Central Zone Innsbruck:

Within the center of Innsbruck you will be charged € 6,20 for the first 1,3 kilometers included.

Tariff Route 1:

On a route from 1,3 kilometers to 4,0 kilometers our tariff is € 1,90 per kilometer.

Tariff Route 2:

On a route above 4,0 kilometers, the kilometer fee is € 1,70 per kilometer.

Tariff Latency Time:

Of course we will wait for you, if you need to get something done on the way. One minute of waiting time is included. For any additional full minutes, our drivers will charge € 0,50.

Tariff Night:

We are there for you at any time of the day! Between 10pm and 6am our tariff is € 6,60 with 1,3 kilometers included.

Tariff Sun- & Feast days:

Innsbruck is usually tranquil on Sundays and feast days – we are not! Our tariff for these days is € 6,60 with 1,3 kilometers included.


We will not charge you for the approach or outbound way to the pick up location in Innsbruck.


In Innsbruck, there will be no further surcharges for our costumers.




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